Vehicle: 2018 Ford Transit
148” Wheelbase, High Roof Van

Job Type: Install van liner
and refrigeration unit

Wright’s Markets needed a refrigerated delivery van and chose the mid-roof edition of the 2018 Ford Transit. The build began with a double layer of Fi-foil insulation and a custom fit fiberglass liner kit. The client needed chill temperatures rather than full freeze so we installed a Thermo King V320 roof-mount refrigeration unit. It is powered by an engine-driven compressor. The unit was also upgraded with standby power, allowing it to be plugged in overnight or whenever the van engine is turned off. For storage, we installed Ranger Design shelves which can be folded up when not in use. Made from heavy duty aluminum, these shelves are highly durable and corrosion resistant.



–  Vanco Fiberglass Liner Kit with aluminum diamond plate

–  Thermo King V320-20 Chill Unit with Standby Power

–  Engine Mount Compressor unit

–  Ranger Design Aluminum fold down shelves with gas shocks, 36×21 inches

–  Ranger Design Aluminum fold down shelves with gas shocks, 58×21 inches