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At Fleetco we can turn your truck or van into a true work vehicle. We offer equipment packages specific to general contractors, HVAC contractors, locksmiths, plumbers and communications installers. Safely haul ladders, tools and materials. Keep your equipment organized and protected. Spend more time working and making money and less time managing equipment and supplies.

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Outfitting Your Work Van

Transform your Chevrolet, Ford, Ram, Nissan or Mercedes van into a mobile workshop with shelving, drawers, tank racks and other equipment specially selected for your needs.

More Van Equipment

Partitions & Bulkheads

Most van upfits begin with a partition or bulkhead. Choose from steel, wire mesh or composite models. Each offers an advantage but all are designed to protect the driver and passenger from loose equipment or supplies. Partitions can be solid and restrict air flow (reserving climate control for the cab) or they can include a window or screen to maximize it. For increased visibility, some users prefer wire mesh partitions. In larger vehicles, many users select a partition with a door for easy interior access.

Trade-Specific Shelving Packages

Base packages in larger vans typically consist of a bulkhead and two shelving units down the street side and one shorter shelving unit on the curbside, behind the door. Depending on your needs, these shelves can be configured in nearly unlimited ways. Users can add bins for small parts storage, drawers with dividers, lockable cabinets, file racks for literature or invoices, bottle racks for carrying refrigerant, and hooks for hoses and cables. Adrian Steel, Kargo Master and Ranger Design all offer pre-configured shelving packages for specific trades.

Ladder & Roof Racks

Modern high-roof work vans present a challenge for easily carrying ladders. The solution is the drop-down ladder rack, which allows the operator to load long, heavy extension ladders at ground level and then lift them up to the roof where they stay locked in place. Double drop-down racks are available for carrying multiple ladders—one on each side—or you can pair a drop-down with a simple lock-down style or cargo rack. Adrian Steel, Kargo Master, Prime Design and Ranger offer models in powder coated steel and aluminum. Another option is the Gentili Harrier model, which loads from the rear of the vehicle and then pivots up to the roof. Multiple ladders can be stacked on one rack.

Outfitting Your Pickup

Turn your half- or three-quarter-ton truck into a true workhorse. Fleetco offers toolboxes, transfer tanks, headache racks, spray-in bedliners and other accessories from the best brands in the industry.

More Truck Equipment

Tool Boxes

If all you need is a standard cross box to sit behind the cab, we’ve got you covered. But contractors who need more space and easier access might consider adding a set of rail boxes. These can be added with or without a ladder rack and can include single or multiple compartments for organizing tools and parts. Available in powder coated steel (white or black) and aluminum treadplate, including in matte black. Boxes from Buyer’s Products, Adrian Steel, RKI and other top brands are all built for commercial use and real-world protection against the elements.

Ladder Racks

The right ladder racks is a great asset to any work truck. Fleetco sells and installs simple, single-ladder racks for smaller trucks to heavy duty models meant for large loads. When choosing a rack be sure to consider both load capacity and versatility. Many models have drop-down cross members, allowing tall cargo to still be loaded in the bed. You can also outfit racks with attached ratchet straps, tie-down hooks, conduit carriers and plenty of other accessories.

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