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Fleetco turns shipping containers and trailers into work spaces, food trucks and mobile shops.

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At Fleetco we customize shipping containers, trailers, trucks and mobile platforms of all types. We build response trailers and specialized work stations for the military, as well as mobile kitchens and food trucks.  Each project is tailored to meet the client’s needs and deliver a high-quality work space. What can Fleetco build for you?

Custom Containers

Shipping containers have proven to be a highly versatile platform for creating portable buildings, truck bodies and mobile work stations. At Fleetco we transform containers to fit the needs and vision of our customers. For a recent build we used 40-foot containers as the basis for building several laundry facilities to be used by Customs & Border Patrol in Arizona. This included adding a “bump-out” to accommodate the washers and dryers, insulating the container, adding an access door, and installing electrical, plumbing, HVAC and fire safety systems.

Food Trucks

This build is not one of ours, but we are impressed with the design.  Del Popolo is a mobile pizzeria based in San Francisco. Their unique food truck was built by McLellan Industries using a 20-foot shipping container and a Freightliner M2106 truck. The container is modified with a glass front and a wood fired pizza oven is installed at one end. The floor of the container is cut and lowered in one section. It creates a unique step-down ordering window, making it easier to talk with customers.

Specialty Trailers

In 2018 Fleetco built a pair of trailers for the US Coast Guard. These Special Missions Training Support Trailers began with 28-foot enclosed trailers from Rock Solid. We added crew lockers, storage cabinets, a large desk area with lighting and climate control. Fleetco also designed and installed a power system combining 120v and 12v capacities. This included a gas generator, shore power, inverter and roof-mounted solar battery charger.

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