Vehicle: 2019 International HV Series

Job Type: Install 60k-lbs. rated cable hoist.

The top-mount design of Palfinger’s ART series hoists uses a pair of inboard lift cylinders and a single reeving cylinder. This arrangement eliminates interference with outboard chassis components, such as battery boxes and tanks, and it also allows for multiple lift axle installations if needed. The single reeving cylinder also provides significantly faster cycle times. We paired the hoist with a rugged Pioneer Rack & Pinion Tarp System. This hydraulic system has both adjustable arms and an adjustable gantry.



Palfinger ART-60-22 Cable Hoist Installed With Pioneer RP4500SARG Rack & Pinion Tarp System With Adjustable Gantry. Palfinger hoist specs:

–  60,000 lb. capacity.

–  Outside rail capability.

–  Max dump angle 50°.

–  12’- 22’ container length range.

–  10” x 3” x 3/8” main frame, 2 1/2″ x 1/4″ wear strip, 4” x 3” x ¼” sub frame.

–  Dual inboard single stage lift cylinders.

–  (1) single stage reeving cylinder.

–  39 gpm direct mount gear pump, 3,000 psi main relief.

–  43 gal. reservoir, w/ 100 micron suction strainer and 25 micron canister

style return line filter & 2” suction line shut off valve.

–  2 section directional valve.

–  5 sets of outside basket style side rollers w/ high carbon pins.

–  Bronze bushings.

–  7/8” EIPS 6 x 37 domestic cable, fixed length with swivel hook.

–  Cable sheaves, w/ aluminum bronze bushings.

–  Dual automatic front left & right container stops & locks.

–  Manual nylon strap winch rear container hold downs.

–  See thru reeving cylinder track guards.

–  (2) body props.

–  Patented automatic folding ICC bumper.

–  Body up and backup alarm.

–  In-cab air controls.

–  Hotshift PTO for Allison transmission.

–  Sight gauge for hydraulic tank with temperature gauge.