Vehicle: 2019 Ford F-550 Super Duty

Job Type: 11-ft. Service body with crane and equipment

The customer needed a heavy-duty crane body with a 6,000 lbs. crane and diesel-powered welder. Fleetco installed an 11-foot G-Series crane body from RKI and matched it with a Liftmoore 6036 WX electric hydraulic crane, complete with wireless remote. For welding, air and power generation, a Miller Bobcat unit was mounted on the street side of the body as well. The front compartments of the body were raised to accommodate gas bottles and a spray in bed liner was added for durability.



–  RKI G Series 84 CA Crane Service Body – 11’

–  Manual out and down outriggers – 6000 lbs. capacity

–  Liftmoore 6036 WX electric hydraulic crane – 6000 lbs. capacity

–  LED Light Kit

–  12” Pintle Recess Bumper

–  2 Bottle Gas Holder in Raised Compartment

–  50’ Spring Return Hose Reel

–  Miller 200 Series Bobcat Air Pac