Vehicle: 40-foot “single trip” shipping container

Job Type: Upfit container into multi-machine laundry facility.

We used 40-foot shipping containers as the basis for several laundry facilities to be used by Customs & Border Protection in Arizona. The build began by adding a “bump-out” to accommodate the washers and dryers while maintaining minimum walking clearances in the floorplan. Next came adding a single side door, complete insulation of the container (ceiling, walls, roof) and then finishing the infrastructure. This included a step-down transformer to receive power, an electrical system to support all equipment, plumbing, HVAC units and a fire safety system.



–  Electrical transformer so container can be hard wired to power when on-site

–  Interior and exterior lighting

–  Mini-split HVAC units

–  Smoke detector and alarm system

–  Water and drain lines for laundry equipment

–  Hot water heater

–  Utility sink

–  Single exterior side door

–  Contoured foam insulation throughout

–  Fiberglass ceiling and wall panels (washable, fire and mold resistant)

–  Coin rubber flooring