Vehicle: 2021 Freightliner M2

Job Type: Install 28’ flatbed with a “Conestoga” style roll tarp system.

For this build, Fleetco installed a 28’ flatbed built by Blue Ridge manufacturing and matched it with an Aero Conestoga roll tarp system. The tarp is stretched over a series of bows that can be rolled toward the front or rear of the bed and accommodate loading cargo from either side or from above the bed. The tarp locks into a front bulkhead and is sealed at the rear by a roll-down cover. Custom graphics were added to the tarp to advertise the customer’s business. We also added an underbody box for tool storage along with a set of safety placards. A complement of straps and sliding winches were added to a rail mount along the underside of the body for securing cargo.



– Blue Ridge 28’ Flatbed with wood deck

– Aero Industries Conestoga Tarp System

– Underbody toolbox, 24x24x48 inches

– 4 Safety placards