Vehicle: 2018 International HV607

Job Type: Build custom 26’ flatbed with piggyback forklift.

The customer wanted a heavy-duty flatbed fitted with a Trailer Mate TM50 forklift to deliver lumber and construction materials. Our AWS-certified welders fabricated a custom body, 26-feet long by 8-feet wide. For maximum rigidity, the frame is built with 8-inch structural steel channel long sills and 4-inch structural steel channel cross sills on 12-inch centers. The bed features external stake pockets with a rub rail. Round tube spacers are welded between the stake pockets for additional support. A 1/4″ steel tread plate deck is comprised of 4’x8′ sheets with all seems welded. The customer requested a tall, 6-foot headboard with sight window. After fabrication the entire body was prepped then primed with PPG Pitt-Guard Epoxy Mastic and finished with a top coat of PPG Essentials Black.



  Trailer Mate TM-50 Forklift Bracket Mount Kit

  Sliding Winch Track

  6 Sliding Winches with Straps

  1 Weld-on Winch with Strap

  Fabricated ICC Bumper

  Marker Lights